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Daftari Agro Pvt Ltd

Daftari Agro Private Limited was incorporated on 14th Day of June 1994 under the Companies Act 1956.

The Company has been promoted by Daftari brothers of Seloo, Maharashtra. The Daftari brothers started taking seed production of improved varieties and parental lines of hybrids of different crops since 1976 on their family owned land. During the course of certified, foundation and parent seed production, they developed keen interest and acquired knowledge of scientific approaches in collection, characterization of Parental lines & hybrids. With a clear objective in mind to expand the base of research activities .

The company appointed highly qualified and experienced scientists, breeders and technical staff and equipped itself with a Bio Technology Laboratory poly house , net house & various other equipment’s to carry out the research activities . The D.S.I.R, Government of India, New Delhi approved the company “Daftari Agro Biotech Pvt Ltd “as an In-House R&D company in 2017. The company has developed several hybrids, varieties and germplasm of various crops and licensed some of them for commercialization. In the present scenario, the R&D program of the company has enough scope in the field for exploitation of superior bio-types developed by the company for qualitative and quantitative achievements. The main moto of the company is to develop the seeds “Best in All Respect


Daftari Agro Private Limited has a recognised In-House R & D unit by DSIR (GOI). Our R & D priorities are driven by farmers’ need for integrated, effective, and sustainable solutions to their problems related to agriculture. This helps them to overtake the threats and tackle the problems related to agriculture, while reducing their environmental footprints. We are working for farmers and to shape the future of agriculture in a better and more sustainable manner.

Progress in agricultural research is entirely dependent on basic infrastructural facilities and scientific efforts. Daftari Agro Private Limited, therefore, focus on the development of a strong R & D unit for leadership in cotton, cereals, pulses, oilseeds and vegetable crops.
Daftari Agro Pvt Ltd is one of the leading seed company to successfully commercialise a number of high yielding hybrids and varieties in different crops viz., Cotton, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Soybean, Pigeon pea, Chickpea, Mustard, Caster, Okra. Brinjal, Tomato, Chili and many other crops for different agro climatic zones.

Maintenance of a wide range of germplasm and its utilisation in plant breeding programmes provides an enormous opportunity to generate useful traits during recombination of promising factors. Simultaneously, identification and development of GMS/CMS lines in various crops explored the production of different hybrids suitable for varied environmental conditions.
We are applying our deep knowledge of genetics, genomics, biotechnology, and data science, our scientists are delivering seeds and traits for the most important crops.


Biotechnology has emerged as a valuable tool in plant breeding to accelerate the traditional breeding methodology and eliminate undesirable traits with incorporate of required traits. Accordingly, Marker Assisted Selection (MAS), Doubled hyplods, mutagenesis ELISA analysis have been required followed to keep phase with present the existing plant breeding scenario.


Scientific and technical competence in crop improvement, in the areas of production, processing and utilization has been improving in general and in the vegetable and seed industry in particular. Finding and developing better seeds for agricultural crops that can resist drought, heat and cold, the threat of the disease, and attack of the insect pests is an important to ensure adequate food for growing population.

The company is organizing large scale seed production program through adapting the different stages of seed production viz., Breeder seed, Foundation seed, Certified seed and Truthful seed. In order to systemized production of seed, the well qualified and experienced technical staff have been deployed to produce large quantity of quality seed.


Seed processing includes all the steps necessary to enhance raw seeds into marketable seeds. This includes drying, shelling, cleaning, size grading and treating the seeds followed by germination testing and packing. This transforms the seeds into a form that is free from stones, chaff, straw, weed seeds, other crop seeds, underweight seeds as well as light seeds and thus ensures uniform sized grading which upgrades the quality of the seeds.  This process ultimately needs to enhance seed quality due to removing various undesirable materials present in the raw seeds. Our company possesses a well-equipped processing plant to handle these activities necessary for various crops.

Quality Assurance

In order to meet the seed standard, the company is engaged in the processing of seed to regulate quality seed and other associated parameters like germination %, genetic purity, physical purity, optimum moisture content, etc. The seed lot is released for packing only after passing these tests.